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4 tips for better video online meetings

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4 Tips for better visuals in your next Online Meeting

Stop looking BAD in your online meetings! Hi 👋 everyone! We created a video 📽️ with some awesome tips for all you stay-at-home warriors. Follow these simple steps to really look great 🚀 on camera during your next online meeting ❤️ . 

Stop looking bad in your online meetings!

I will show you how to look like a boss in your next meeting.

First of all, let’s talk about what is looking bad. If there’s no light on your face, it’s looking bad. If the light behind you is too bright, it’s bad. If the background is too messy, it’s bad.

 Now here are my tips:

Tip number one, light. Yes, I know it’s so obvious, but people don’t use light. If there is a window in your room, sit facing it, it will probably do the job. If you don’t have an available window, take a lamp, place it next to you, make sure it’s not inside the frame, and boom, you’re already looking better.


Tip number two Background distractions, if there are too many things in the background, it will take the attention from you. If it’s a bookshelf, trophies, all this kind of stuff, it might look okay, but keep it in mind that less is more.

Tip number three, proportions. Sit in the center, sit so that your head is getting to the top of the frame more or less and your lower body is getting to the lower part of the frame, and you’re probably going to be in a good place. 

Online Meetings Tips and Tricks

Tip number four is sound. The easiest thing is to stop and listen, do you hear the birds? Isn’t it beautiful? Do you hear the buses? Mm-hm, yes, your window is open, close the window. Maybe it’s the laundry that you’re doing, just shut the door or don’t do laundry, you have a meeting now.
In any case, I hope those tips were helpful for you, and in the next meeting on Tuesday, yes, this Tuesday, I’m quite sure you will look like a boss.

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