Imagefilm Berlin


What do We do?

We’re video storytellers: we help brands tell engaging stories with videos and photos that move their audience.

Someone once said: *“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.”*Whether it’s a quirky marketing video (remember the Squatty Potty video with ice-cream-pooping unicorns?) or teaser clips of the next iPhone launch, everybody loves a good video.

The human brain is wired to process and retain visual content much better than static text content, which explains why video content generates much higher engagement and sales conversions than traditional mediums.

Tell us about your brand. We’ll give your story the voice it needs.

We provide professional video production services for corporate and commercial brands worldwide as well as event photography services in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and all over Europe.

Why Arty-Shock?

The artichoke is a visually fascinating plant. Beautiful and complex with multiple layers, it is as versatile as it is mesmerizing in its natural fractal geometry. Just looking at an artichoke creates a mixture of emotions: awe, delight, curiosity.

That’s the effect we strive to achieve in our video storytelling. The artichoke effect. The best stories are the ones that evoke emotions, create an impression, and start a dialogue. Every brand has a story to tell. It’s our job to help you tell it in a way that resonates best with your audience, i.e. to “arty-shock” your audience.

What’s your story?

Our Philosophy

We are professional videographers and photographers, but we’re storytellers first and foremost. Our videos have a story to tell and we’re there to capture those moments that tell it best.

As a business, we understand first-hand the challenges of the constantly evolving marketplace we operate in. We’re no strangers to working under pressure with tight deadlines. You can trust us to be there when you need us.

We work fast, we work smart, and we work hard. We’re professionals who deliver high-quality work and find creative solutions to obstacles we might encounter along the way.

Let’s work together!