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It’s not what you say but how you say it. Brand Video story telling combines footage and stills with animation, graphics, and illustrations to give brand stories added depth and reach to speak to its target audience.

Don’t tell your customers what you do; tell them WHY you do what you do.

Your brand’s purpose, values, and philosophy play a key role in gaining consumer trust and confidence. Consumers have become increasingly discerning and enlightened in their purchase behavior and choices. They want to know that they’re supporting a brand with compatible values and ethics before they buy into what the brand is selling.

Whether it’s in the form of a creative video ad, a docu-style video, or a heartfelt message by your company CEO, your brand story needs to speak to your target audience using the right visual, audio, and animated elements that hit the spot.

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Your Brand Story Video

Brand video storytelling is a way of connecting with the audience in a more emotional and personal way. It is an excellent way to showcase your company’s values, culture and expertise in a short period of time.

Brand videos are not just about showing off your products or services. They are about telling stories that resonate with the audience and make them feel something.

Brand Story Video

Corporate Video

Unlike commercial videos used for advertising, a corporate video is usually produced for a specific audience, either external or internal, in compliance with the brand’s corporate identity guidelines.

Common uses for a corporate video include presentation of financial results to stakeholders, announcements of new product lines or services, corporate brand videos for internal training, or highlights of the brand’s success stories in sales pitches.

We’ll do all that and more with the “Arty-Shock” storytelling effect to keep it engaging throughout.

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