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Positive reviews automatically build a prospective client’s trust and confidence. It’s the kind of external validation that gives your brand genuine credibility.

 Even more powerful than written reviews are Testimonials Videos​. Having happy clients sing your praises in person on camera demonstrates just how much they value your services and the strong relationship you’ve built with them.

The aim is to show a little of your company’s work with your client, such as how your solutions have helped you solve obstacles. As a result, the one who is interested learns more about the work that your company does.

According to a 2019 study by Stackla“60% of consumers say content from friends or family influences their purchase decisions, while just 23% say content from celebrities and influencers are impactful.”

User reviews, Facebook recommendations, Instagram stories, YouTube product reviews, and unboxing videos: these are a few common sources of information a potential buyer will refer to for validation prior to purchase.

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To keep the Testimonials Videos​ production simple and to minimize disruptions to your clients’ schedules, we’ll film the interviews with your clients at their business or office premises and take care of the logistics. 

All they have to do is smile and gush about their wonderful experience of working with you.You might not have control over user-generated content, but you can compile favorable reviews into video clips and visual content highlighting positive user experiences. 

Testimonials Videos

For B2B brands, you can approach customers about recording Testimonials Videos​ which you can likewise repurpose into marketing and branding content.

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