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We’re a company providing services of video production in berlin that tells your story

We help brands tell engaging stories with videos and photos that move their audience. Someone once said If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Whether it’s a quirky marketing video (remember the Squatty Potty video with ice-cream-pooping unicorns?) or teaser clips of the next iPhone launch, everybody loves a good video.
The human brain is wired to process and retain visual content much better than static text content, which explains why video content generates much higher engagement and sales conversions than traditional mediums. Tell us about your brand. We’ll give your story the voice it needs. We provide professional video production services for corporate and commercial brands worldwide as well as  event photography services in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and all over Europe.

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OUR Services

Video Production A-Z

We deep dive into your Brand story, understand your value proposition, and set up strategic video goals. A heat of our creative engines with some Arty-Shock production power takes your story to the next level.

Video Consultancy

We will help your team with our video strategy, creativity, and direction for top-notch in-house video production.

Our streamlined workflow


Tell us what you want, what you really, really want. You provide the context, visual and textual brand guidelines, what you want to achieve, and the specifications for the results.


Put on your thinking cap.
We present you with ideas and inspirations for visuals and messages. *Key Decision Point


This is what we’re creating.
We delve into specific creative decisions like imagery, props, and scripts. This is what we aim to create.


Now it’s time to get started.
We meet to shoot, animate, and do everything else we need to transform our ideas into reality. *Key Decision Point


Here’s what we’ve created together. We review how our ideas have been brought to life, give them the final touches, and prepare them to be sent out.


It’s time for the world to see it.
You receive the sizes, options, and scripts needed to share the content with the rest of the world. *Key Decision Point

What our clients said

Rote Nasen Deutschland
Rote Nasen Deutschland
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In 2023 we shot our new image film together with Arty-Shock. It was a pleasure working with the Arty-Shock's team and we are very happy with the final product. Thank you for the professional collaboration and for thinking along and recognizing our needs. For this reason, we can highly recommend working with Arty-Shock.
Mike Bou-Nacklie
Mike Bou-NacklieFancy Hat Multimedia
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Arty-Shock are an amazing group of people who came through when things got tough. My team and I were not familiar with Berlin and Arty-Shock made the process of shooting in Germany much easier and delivered a great final product.
Simone Sommerfeld
Simone SommerfeldCo-Founder & CEO, ami cocon
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They were professional with regards to the issues that came up, and they kept their calm and found the right solution.
 Paul Denchfield
Paul DenchfieldDirector, Fin London
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Arty-Shock works really hard and diligently.
Noël Kepler
Noël KeplerGlobal Communications Strategist, Nonprofit
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I wish I could move forward more projects with them more often.