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Our mission is to enhance your safety culture by creating impactful stories through high-quality videos that engage and educate your EHS teams

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We’re a Berlin-based video production company specializing in Storytelling

Our mission is to bring your brand to life by crafting compelling stories through high-quality videos that resonate with your audience.

Our Services


Crafting Your Story – At the heart of every great video is a compelling story.

We start by understanding your company’s goals and target audience, then craft a narrative that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Our creative team specializes in turning ideas into engaging stories that captivate your audience and resonate with your brand identity.


Laying the Groundwork – Pre-production is where we set the stage for success.

This phase includes crucial steps like casting the right talent to bring your story to life, and location scouting to find the perfect backdrop for your video.

We handle every detail, ensuring that all elements align seamlessly with your story and brand image.


Bringing Your Vision to Life – Our production phase is where the magic happens. We bring together a full team of professionals on site, including a director, producer, director of photography (DP), sound technicians, grips, stylists, and makeup artists. Each member of our team is dedicated to creating a high-quality production that captures your vision down to the last detail. With state-of-the-art equipment and a keen eye for perfection, we guarantee a smooth and successful shoot. This approach offers significant benefits to companies across all sectors, enabling them to effectively communicate their message and values.


Crafting the Final Masterpiece – Post-production is where we turn the raw footage into a polished, impactful video.

Our expert editors skillfully connect all the parts, from editing to color grading, adding special effects, and finalizing the sound design.

We work closely with you to ensure the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations, creating an amazing video that effectively serves your brand’s needs.


We're a video company that's really good at telling stories through videos. We can help you make your own videos and set up easy ways to do it in your own office.

We'll work with your team to make your videos more interesting and come up with good plans for making them. Our goal is to teach you how to make your own cool videos and make it easier for you to do it at work.

When we team up, you'll learn from us about storytelling and video-making, and we'll help you build simple ways to do it yourself. Together, we'll make sure your stories are told in a fun and engaging way for everyone to enjoy.

Our streamlined workflow


Tell us what you want, what you really, really want. You provide the context, visual and textual brand guidelines, what you want to achieve, and the specifications for the results.


Put on your thinking cap.
We present you with ideas and inspirations for visuals and messages. *Key Decision Point


This is what we’re creating.
We delve into specific creative decisions like imagery, props, and scripts. This is what we aim to create.


Now it’s time to get started.
We meet to shoot, animate, and do everything else we need to transform our ideas into reality. *Key Decision Point


Here’s what we’ve created together. We review how our ideas have been brought to life, give them the final touches, and prepare them to be sent out.


It’s time for the world to see it.
You receive the sizes, options, and scripts needed to share the content with the rest of the world. *Key Decision Point

Choose Arty-Shock: Where Professionalism Meets Creativity

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With Arty-Shock, you’re choosing a partner that values your vision and audience as much as you do. Let us help you create stories that not only look exceptional but also resonate deeply with your audience.

You're in Good Company


"They gave us excellent creative input; it was a top-notch service all around."

Arty-Shock was a key element to the success of the project. The team handled everything, delivered on time, and responded quickly to the client’s shifting needs. They went above and beyond to meet the scope of the project. Overall, they were incredibly helpful, communicative, and trustworthy.

We value personal connection and are here to answer any questionsor listen to your thoughts.