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Live streaming service offers affordable solutions that enable you to broadcast your event, conferences, presentations, or meeting live or on-demand to audiences of any size, from your location venue to your Facebook and YouTube channels or other physical sites and locations.

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How can Live Streaming help reach a larger audience?

Especially right now, during Covid-19 social distancing, it isn’t effortless to gather audiences in a venue. It is much easier to invite only the protagonists of the event and stream it online to your audience.

Even if renting a big venue for you is not a problem, you can still increase the number of people viewing the event by promoting and streaming it online to raise awareness.

If renting a large venue, which would allow visitors to keep social distance, is ruining your budget, then connecting to your audience online will be a low-cost solution.

You can live-stream the event yourself; there are plenty of solutions for that. The most simple one is to use your HD phone camera and stream to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or other channels where your audience is.

What are the Pros and Cons of doing it yourself?

DIY Video Live Streaming Pros:
Well, the Pros are that it will be low-cost or even no-cost, depending on the investment in the equipment you want to make.
It will look authentic.
DIY Video Live Streaming Cons:
There is a big chance your video will not look and feel professional.
The quality of the image might be low, because usually with a phone, you’ll use the WiFi or Mobile Data, which can be slow in a venue with more people around also using it.
Boring to watch – because you’ll use only one camera and one angle.
Low sound quality – this is one of the most significant issues. 
Not able to integrate speaker presentation slides
No branding, no info banners on the screen to inform your viewers who is speaking right now, what is happening, who’s the sponsor or organizer of the event.

Professional Live Streaming service

Our live streaming services provide everything you need to create a high-quality online broadcast:

Dynamic video image from multiple angles

We recommend using at least two cameras. One for the wide-angle, for example, to show the whole stage or crowd of people. And another one close on the speaker. The bigger and more complex the event, the more cameras we would need to capture all important moments.

Branding and info banners

we’ll apply your logo or/and Sponsor logo on the screen, for brand awareness. Also, we are inserting opening slides at the start of the event, informative slides during, and at the end of the event, lower thirds with the name of the speakers and other information.

Brilliant sound quality

We are connecting to the Soundman’s console. Each speaker has its own microphone. This way we can guaranty a good quality of the sound.

Stream to multiple channels

by default, we can stream to two channels at the same time, i.e., Youtube and Facebook. If you need more than two, let us know, we can arrange that

High-quality image with no lags

we live stream using the high-speed internet connection from a direct cable: Fibre Channel or Ethernet.

Slide show presentation

it’s like an additional camera streaming separately or along with the speaker image the presentation slides.

Professional team

For big events, we are providing a Producer and an Assistant Producer.

Synchronized Audio with Video

because of the difference in the sound and light speed, we have to make sure the image and sound viewers see on their screen is synchronized.

Live Streaming event types

  • Speakers panel
  • Presentation – one person with a slide show
  • Interview – moderator and one or more interviewers
  • Large events with more set-ups – the crowd, singing band, main set-ups, etc.
  • Corporate events
  • Graduation events

Our Proven Process Steps

First meeting 

where we discuss event details

We check out

the venue, the sound, and the internet connection.

Create the scenario

how many cameras, where will we place them, which one will be moving around. Adjust to the event agenda – speakers, breaks, networking, etc.


Create and discuss the quote. We can adjust the price depending on the number of cameras, staff involved, and event duration.


On the day of the event

Live streaming itself


After the event, we send you a Video mix of the stream, for future use.

Our Live Streaming Work

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Brexit and the euro-area crisis?

European Union statecraft for sustainable development

Honor’s Light Catcher – Launch Live Event

querFELDein TALK #1: “Dürre Aussichten?

Prices Guide




  • For short presentations, greetings
  • One camera set up for HD livestream
  • max. 1 hour



  • For talk, panel discussion, Q&A

  • Two camera set up for HD livestream
  • max. 2 hours
  • Integration of films and presentation



  • For conference, meeting, product presentation
  • 3 camera set up for HD livestream
  • max. 4 hours
  • incl. video clips, interactive tools

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Check out what clients say

Great service, professional and kind

large selection of creative photos. I was so pleased with their service that I hired them again for our VIP Gala dinner.Yehuda Swed, the owner and principle shooter, is creative, quick and delivers as he promises. I’d recommend “Event Photography Berlin ” to anyone seeking creative commercial photography. Great service, professional and kind.

Veli Leon Ostermann

We are delighted

Meeting in Hamburg for some corporate event photography. The booking process was quick and easy following an initial call where we discussed the scope of the project. Michael, who photographed the event in Hamburg, did an excellent job and captured the energy, conversations and the mood of our delegates really well, especially as the lighting in the conference room wasn’t very good. We are delighted with the images and would highly recommend Yehuda and his team.

Pauline Rottstock

Very easy to get along with

I have known the work of this team for several years now. They are very easy to get along with and very knowledgable. The photography itself is top-notch. I would definitely want to work with them for any of my events.

Ido Weinberg

I cannot recommend them highly enough!

I’ve been working with Yehuda Swed and his company Arty-Shock for the past two years and I cannot recommend them highly enough! I work throughout Europe in some very sensitive areas with elderly clients and Yehuda and his team is always so dependable and professional. The quality of their video work exceeds most other vendors I work with and they are able to produce incredible footage even when the location, timing, and other limitation seem like they will ruin the moment. The attention to detail and professionalism both during the shoot and after makes otherwise complex and stressful jobs so much easier. And the final product is consistently amazing, telling stories in a way that we often did not envision ourselves. Arty-Shock has become a go-to resource for all of our visual storytelling needs in Europe.

Global Communications Strategist

Noël Kepler