Event Video & Photography

You’ve worked hard to plan and organise your event. Leave it to us to capture those priceless moments and
interactions during the event so you’ll have it on film for future marketing promotions and the archives.


In addition to conventional videography services, the innovation of cost-effective drone photography technology has also enabled us to capture close-up footage of dynamic events involving a lot of fast action as well as amazing aerial perspectives for a more dramatic and immersive viewing experience.

Our videography services include multi-cam documentaries, live streaming of events, interviews and testimonials, as well as editing and post-production for special video and sound effects. We also do time-lapse video productions. In short, we’re your all-inclusive video production agency. Tell us what you need.


Using highly specialised techniques, our documentary-style photography service is focused on photographing people in a natural environment to capture authentic moments and perspectives that tell a story about the event, place, or interaction.

Our professional photographers specialise in taking discrete and candid shots without the subject being aware so they won’t consciously alter their behaviour.

Our photography services include multiple photographers for a single event as well as onsite and offsite editing and post-production for added visual enhancements. We can also create slideshow productions if needed.

Live Streaming

Now that digital events are more important than ever, live streaming has become a practical and highly effective way to maintain brand presence and stay engaged with your target audience. Ideal for product launches, live Q&As with consumers (i.e. AMAs), virtual musical and cultural performances, and more.

Our live streaming services include a dedicated video director and live stream coordinator to manage all aspects of the production. To ensure we don’t miss out on valuable footage, we offer multiple cameras to cover all angles.

We’ll also manage simultaneous streaming to multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more, for optimal visibility.

Clients are encouraged to customise their live stream by adding logos and slides to maximise brand exposure and visibility, which will provide added value for advertisers, sponsors, and partners.

Pre-recording of Online Events

Live streaming is great for interacting with the audience and building rapport, but it’s not suited for all events and business goals. It comes with a degree of unpredictability which might not be ideal if you need the interview or performance to go perfectly. 

Pre-recording the event will give the speaker or performer much better control over the delivery as mistakes can be corrected with a new take. It also ensures high quality visuals, sound, and light without the annoying pixelation effect.

Edit of Online Events & Webinars

If you regularly run online events and/or webinars, you can easily turn the footage into valuable marketing content for greater brand visibility on social media platforms.

We provide a video editing service to record and edit your online events into engaging videos for marketing and branding purposes, whether as short highlight clips or as a summary of the event. For example, we’ll create 10 to 30 pieces of social media content from a 90-minute event. Talk to us to find out more.

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