Traffics: 20th Anniversary Video & Brand Story

Traffics: 20th Anniversary Video & Brand Story

The Project

Established in 1999, Traffics is a leading travel technology company and among the pioneers in the digital travel industry. Renowned for their innovative and customer-oriented development of consultation, search, and booking systems for travels, the award-winning Traffics software systems are used by more than 6,000 travel agencies as well as renowned travel portals, airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers.

We were approached by Salim and Jens, the founders of Traffics, to produce a video to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary celebration. They wanted to share the story of the company’s journey over the last 20 years at a special screening for clients and friends at a rented cinema for the anniversary party.

The Challenges

There was a lot of content to cover with only 3 to 4 weeks to shoot, edit, and deliver the finished production. Due to a lack of visual materials in terms of photos and video footage of the company’s history, we created hand-drawn illustrations to add humour and animation to the storytelling.

The Outcome

What initially started as a 10-minute video concept eventually ended up as a 25-minute production as there were too many amusing anecdotes and priceless memories that we couldn’t leave out.

We started by recording interviews with employees and the management team followed by B-roll footage to capture the right perspectives of the atmosphere and culture of the company. Based on information from the interviews, we developed the video storyboard to convey the storyline and creative direction of the narrative.

From there, we went on to capture the necessary footage of the company’s past and present seen in its offices, surroundings, and daily working atmosphere. Thanks to Salim and Jens’ great sense of humour and flexibility, we were able to create funny animated illustrations for added character to the storytelling. Post-production was then done to edit all the different parts into a seamless and engaging story.




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July 21, 2020