Neo Capital: Internal Project Showcase

Neo Capital: Internal Project Showcase

The Project

neo capital is an independent Investment Advisory and Asset Management company providing global real estate investment expertise in developed markets with several projects underway in Western Europe and the USA.

The company engaged us to produce a video capturing Frankfurt city’s international appeal and showcasing its dynamic metropolitan vibe and cultural atmosphere as the location for one of their building development projects. The video would be presented to neo capital’s board members at an upcoming board meeting.

The Challenges

Since the video involved outdoor and aerial shoots, weather was a tricky component of the process, especially as we were on a tight production schedule. We had 6 days to shoot and produce the video, during which the weather was mostly grey and cold. We had exactly one day of sun, which meant we had to work fast to make the most of the clear skies.

Adding animation and after-effects to the map overview was also quite a time-consuming and complex process, but we managed to get it done on schedule.

The Outcome

Our team of a videographer and an assistant set out to capture the different perspectives and settings that show Frankfurt’s vibrant city vibes and metropolitan atmosphere. The footage included aerial shots, building façades of prominent landmarks, and cityscapes in the day and night.

For a more engaging effect, we decided to start the video with an animated map of the city as seen from above with a bird’s-eye view, slowly zooming in on the city’s surroundings and buildings on the ground, essentially taking the viewer on a virtual tour of the city.




Brand Storytelling


July 23, 2020