Humboldt University

Humboldt University

The Project

We were approached by Plural, a graphic design agency specialising in brand language, to create an online and offline video campaign to promote the Institute for Slavonic Studies and Hungarology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Slavic studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin dates back to over 150 years of history, offering students a rich and diverse perspective of Slavic languages, literature, and culture.

The videos take viewers through personal stories of former graduates about their motivations for undertaking Slavic studies at the Humboldt University and how that decision and education experience prepared and helped them to build successful careers.

The project scope entailed the following:

  • Developing the concept and storyline
  • Pre-interviews with select graduates
  • Half-day shooting with each student inclusive of interviews
  • Content edit
  • Video edit
  • Portrait photography in the studio for each student

The Outcome

Our approach was to focus on the concept of personal storytelling to show potential students what kind of knowledge and skills past graduates had gained from the course and how that helped them succeed in their careers and personal development.

During the pre-interview stage, we talked to the graduates about their personal journeys at the university and how that experience shaped their careers. From this information, we were able to craft the right questions for the actual interview.

We captured the interviews and footage of each student’s daily work and personal life for added depth and authenticity. From the footage, we created individual storylines for each video to narrate each student’s journey, starting with the decision to enrol in the course, personal conflicts they faced along the way, how they overcame those obstacles, and finally how the education experience helped them live productive and successful lives.




Brand Storytelling


July 23, 2020