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Authentic Brand Storytelling Is Key to Brand Loyalty

Why Authentic Brand Storytelling Is Key to Brand Loyalty

In a world where consumers face an abundance of choice in their daily purchases, marketers are tasked with creating brand identities that not only resonate with their target audience but are authentic enough to cut through the noise.  Most businesses and service providers operate in a challenging market with no shortage of competitors offering similar products and services. Marketing tactics such as promotional discounts, PWP deals, and monthly offers might drive short-term sales, but instead of creating long-term brand loyalty, they end up reducing your profit margins over time.  To foster a genuine connection between the brand and its audience, first, the...

Promote Your Digital Business

3 Engaging Ways to Promote Your Digital Business in 2020

It’s hard to recall how we used to live without the internet. How did we function without this infinite world of information and digital services right at our fingertips? It’s a sobering thought as we continue to adhere to this new socially-distanced lifestyle. To put it in perspective, the Digital 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that “the world’s internet users spend an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day”. And that’s pre-COVID-19 usage. It’s never been more important to harness the power of online marketing, whether to promote your digital business to new audiences...