How Video Marketing Will Help Your Business Weather the COVID-19 Storm

Video has come a long way as a marketing tool over the last decade. Not only is it hailed the “MVP” (Most Valuable Player) of digital marketing, but the accessibility of video content platforms has provided much-needed relief and comfort in our current climate of anxiety and uncertainty.

As we continue to adapt to the new normal of socially-distanced living, video technology keeps us engaged and in business. If there was ever a time to step up on your digital marketing activities, this is it.

If you’re not convinced, these predictions by Cisco will paint a more compelling picture. According to the multinational tech conglomerate, “Video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022.” The company further projects that nearly half of all devices and connections will be video capable by 2022.

Here are 5 fundamental ways video marketing will help your business weather the COVID-19 storm:

#1: Stay Visible & Connected to Customers
With most of us spending more time glued to our screens than ever, there couldn’t be a better time to engage with the audience via video content.

Video content is a flexible medium in its ability to combine several content formats in one. From pre-recorded footage, photo stills, animated graphics, illustration, to voice-over narration, and more. It’s why it’s so effective in gaining visibility and creating customer engagement.

The best part is, video production is no longer the complex, time-consuming process it used to be. Depending on the kind of video, it could be as easy as hitting the record button on your phone camera. For professional video production services, talk to us to find out the best options for you.

#2: Cost-effective Targeted Marketing
According to Think With Google, a whopping 90% of shoppers have discovered a new brand or product through YouTube. How’s that for visibility? You can target specific audiences and user segments in your posts by using hashtags, running online competitions, and paid ads.

Besides its cost-effectiveness, video marketing also allows your organisation to get personal. A video message by your CEO, for example, provides assurance and builds trust in your brand credibility. The personal touch makes a world of difference.

#3: Versatile Content Medium
Video is one of the most versatile content mediums available. With professional editing, you can also recycle and repurpose old footage into new content.

Video content can take the form of brand stories, product tutorials, event teasers, product reviews, and more. Using a mix of different video content is key to creating interest and engagement as it caters to different user groups.

#4: Higher Conversion from Interest to Action
“When asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, two-thirds of people (66%) said they’d prefer to watch a short video. This was in comparison with 18% who’d rather read a text-based article, website or post, 4% who’d like to view an infographic, 3% who’d rather download an ebook or manual, 3% who’d rather attend a webinar or pitch, and 2% who’d like a sales call or demo.” (The State of Video Marketing 2020 Report by Wyzowl)

The study also reported “84% of people saying that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video”.

#5: Improved Brand Perception
Cost-effective drone videography and photography technology has made it possible to capture amazing aerial shots of outdoor locations as well as close-up shots of fast action.

Using video content in your marketing and communication shows that you keep up with the times and technological trends. The study by Wyzowl reports an increase in the number of businesses using video as a marketing tool, from 61% to 85% since 2016.

Likewise, the perceived importance of video as a marketing tool has also increased. From 78% of video marketers in 2015 saying they believed video to be an important part of their marketing strategy, to 92% at the end of 2019.

If you’re still on the fence about video marketing, what’s holding you back?

We provide professional video production services for corporate and commercial brands worldwide.

Tell us about your business goals and we’ll walk you through the video marketing options best suited for your needs.

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